Cloud and Serverless


The evolution of cloud computing over the past two years has been more significant than the past ten years combined. What were once best practices are now vanishing practices; even worst practices. A major driver is that cloud/serverless has not only changed the economics of application delivery, it has changed all the processes around software development as well.

The cloud has absorbed not only application hosting, but most software engineering tools and processes, all data, all methods of addressing security, scalability, reliability, data ingestion, curation and analysis, and all observability and management processes. All of these constituent elements of application delivery have been reinvented, or are, in fact, totally new. Nothing of the old corporate data center remains, except for the need for innovation driven by software.

The velocity of change is stunning. Every new project has the chance to use tools and methods and patterns that may not have existed a year ago. No company is a master of all these new capabilities. At ioet we do not have an engineering doctrine we try to impose on every new customer. We are a learning company, made of learning teams, and we approach every new assignment with open minds, and the skills to marry the old and the new into a distinct blend. The cloud provides unprecedented opportunity to collaborate. We work with customers and engineering teams all over the world.

It is the cloud and DevOps discipline that enable the agile disciplines of domain driven design and continuous delivery and it is those processes, which increase the velocity of feedback, collaboration, and continuous delivery of innovation.