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Why Partner with ioet?
We are a US-based company rooted in Silicon Valley, we specialize in nearshoring by sourcing, training, and hiring the best talent from across Latin America. Our dedicated workforce is ready to deliver exceptional service and seamless collaboration, ensuring high-quality results and cost-effective solutions for your business.                    

Founded in


Unlock the Power of Nearshoring
At ioet, we offer nearshoring solutions that provide your business with a range of compelling benefits, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Cultural Affinity &

Aligned Work Practices


Our teams share a cultural affinity with the US, leading to better mutual understanding and more effective collaboration. We can easily align with your work practices and standards, ensuring seamless integration with your existing teams and processes.

Time Zone Alignment


Our teams operate in time zones that closely align with yours, facilitating real-time communication and quick decision-making. This ensures that your projects progress smoothly without the delays often associated with distant outsourcing.



Nearshoring with ioet offers significant cost savings compared to domestic hiring while maintaining high-quality standards. Our solutions are designed to deliver maximum value, helping you achieve your business objectives without breaking the bank.

By choosing ioet for your nearshoring needs, you gain a partner committed to providing exceptional service and delivering tangible results. Experience the benefits of nearshoring with our expert teams.

Unlock Flexibility and Efficiency with our Services

We understand that your business needs can change rapidly. That's why we offer a flexible business model for staff augmentation, nearshoring, and outsourcing, designed to adapt to your evolving requirements without the hassle.
Flexible Engagement Model
Experience the ease of our flexible, drama-free engagement model at ioet, where we provide engineering on demand, effortlessly adapting to your changing needs without any hassle.
Scalable Workforce
Whether you need to scale up quickly for a major project or scale down during quieter periods, our model allows you to adjust your team size to match your needs.
With ioet, you gain a reliable partner dedicated to delivering exceptional service and flexibility. Let us help you optimize your workforce, reduce risks, and achieve your business goals with ease.

Empower Talent and Drive Excellence with ioet

At ioet, our mission goes beyond delivering exceptional software development services. We are dedicated to fostering equal opportunity and giving back by bringing world-class work to world-class talent across Latin America.
World-Class Work
Our team of skilled professionals delivers top-tier results, seamlessly integrating with your business needs. The side effect of this collaboration is the creation of opportunities and the nurturing of new talent.
Giving Back
By entrusting us with your projects, we create opportunities that give back and generate a positive impact in communities. This commitment ensures long-term success and drives innovation.
Equal Opportunity
By partnering with us, you support the growth and development of promising software developers. Our experienced team mentors and guides them, transforming potential into expertise.
Partner with ioet and be a part of a culture that values excellence and equal opportunity. Together, we can achieve remarkable results and make a lasting impact.

Unlock Unmatched Value with ioet's +1 Program

We believe in maximizing the value of your investment. Our scalable +1 Program offers a significant advantage by providing talented engineers to your team at no additional cost. Here's how partnering with ioet can elevate your business:                    
Enhanced Efficiency:
Senior engineers can concentrate on high-level decisions and strategic tasks, while the +1 engineer handles operational tasks, leveraging your investment in senior talent.
Maximized ROI:
By leveraging the +1 Program, you maximize your return on investment in senior engineers, getting more value and output without increasing costs.
Double the Talent:
With our program, you pay for one senior engineer and get an additional talented junior engineer at no extra cost. This means more hands on deck to drive your projects forward.
Ready to Scale:
It serves as a pipeline of skilled engineers who are prepared to step in whenever you need to scale up. This ensures you have a ready pool of talent to meet increasing demands without delay.
Discover how the +1 Program can transform your team dynamics and drive your success. Reach out to learn more about this innovative solution.
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