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Success stories: Ricardo Plasencia's Investigation Team wins first place in NASA Space Apps 2022

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

A success story: our ioeter Ricardo leads the team and wins first place in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2022

Ricardo Plasencia, a member of the technical team in ioet, participated in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2022. Ricardo led the team that won first place nationally this weekend. His interest in participating in a wide variety of projects has always taken him to try new things such as investigation. And the NASA Space Apps Challenge was one of those.

The event was the largest annual space and science hackathon, which is hosted by NASA in collaboration with more space agency partners across the world. The host announces a wide range of issues for the participants to solve in groups. Each team must present a solution to tackle those situations within 2 days.

Ricardo's team, whose name was Chronos Investigation Team, presented the app Moonquake, an augmented reality app, based on real NASA data, that allows you to simulate what would be a quake on the moon, and feel the horror in real-time from your phone. You can see how it looks here. The team presented the idea in a 3-minute pitch, and later that day, they were presented as winners of first place nationally.

“To be one of the winners of the NASA Space App Challenge is a team effort. To be able to lead and participate with this great team allowed us to show not only our potential but also the country’s potential. I am so glad for each of the members of the team and especially for my mother who was always there supporting me.”

Now the team is a Global Nominee to compete with other participants from different countries in an international competition.

“I’m so glad for this achievement, and to say that I’m coming back from the NASA Global Space Apps Challenge as the first place winner as the leader of Chronos Investigation Team and this amazing team that is ioet.”


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