Our skills portfolio spans UX, data visualization, API design, microservices, data architecture, cloud/edge and serverless infrastructure, site reliability, devops process, and quality and testing automation. Our domain experience includes mobile and web applications, analytics and data visualization, blockchain, embedded systems, and IoT device clouds. 

We offer project leadership, or skills augmentation; domain analysis, complex algorithm development, original software design, system engineering; and we can deliver prototype or production-ready products.

Security by Design is an engineering process which addresses data access policy (protecting confidentiality), protection of the data model (integrity), and system fault tolerance and attack surface (availability).

The evolution of cloud computing over the past two years has been more significant than the past ten years combined. What were once best practices are now vanishing practices; even worst practices.

Complex algorithms may require mathematical, scientific and other forms of specialized expertise, yet, many classes of computation are simple patterns of business process logic.

Software engineering has become such a complex discipline, the development of algorithms is, arguably, a shrinking part of the work. Yet algorithms remain important and challenging.

UI frameworks are key to building applications which conform to platform ecosystems and user expectations. At ioet we do not specialize in only one or two UI platforms; we are constantly learning. 

How to persist data is one of the major challenges in the development of fault tolerant, geographically distributed, secure, regulatory compliant, evolutionary, web-scale applications.

Test automation allows engineers to coordinate change, increase velocity and confidence, and use trunk-based development to reduce time required to expose new ideas to other teams.


Continuous Delivery means using build and test automation to minimize the delay between the time a change is ready to test and the time it is actually tested and feedback is evaluated.