Test Automation


Test automation allows engineers to coordinate change, increase velocity and confidence, and use trunk-based development to reduce the time required to expose new ideas to other teams. It is an essential component of Continuous Delivery. We have experience with unit test development frameworks, end-to-end test scripting systems, test execution environments and related tools specialized for load testing, security vulnerability testing, and device/browser variation testing. For example: Browserstack, AWS Device Farm, MacStadium, OWASP, OWASP ZAPCharles Proxy, SonarQubeWhiteHat DASTCoverity ScanBlack Duck, TestNG, TestCafe, Facebook Infer, pytest, AssertJ, Chai Assertion Library, Protractor, Jasmine, Headless Chrome, Gherkin, Cucumber, Gatling, LoadRunnerWeb Performance Load Tester, Chaos Monkey, Selenium, AppiumEnzyme, and many others.