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Enhancing User Retention and Engagement through Social Network Integration

200% User retention increase through the Integration of a Social Network Solution.



Technologies Used




Enhancing User Retention and Engagement through Social Network Integration Image


The donation platform faced low user retention rates, with users donating once and then disengaging. A dedicated team from ioet assumed responsibility for addressing this challenge and skillfully integrated a social network feature, empowering users to share their charitable endeavors and causes. The goal was to cultivate an active giving community, encouraging regular interaction, and nurturing a deeper commitment to philanthropy among users.


The social network integration was carefully executed, leveraging the capabilities of three databases, Gremlin, Redis, and Dynamo for efficient data management. Through diligent infrastructure-as-code implementation with Terraform and AWS services, we ensured scalability and ease of management. The integration seamlessly incorporated the social network into both web and mobile interfaces of the existing donation platform.


This robust platform, constructed using Flutter and adhering to the bloc pattern, was further fortified by automated pipelines within GitHub Actions, streamlining compilation and app store publication. A sophisticated algorithm was introduced to rank user activities, optimizing content presentation for a truly engaging experience.


The impact of our collaborative social network integration was transformative. User retention skyrocketed by an impressive 200%, indicating a significant improvement in user satisfaction and loyalty. The platform witnessed a surge in new active users, with a notable 50% increase, reflecting the success of the social network in attracting and retaining more engaged donors. Furthermore, the addition of the social network feature led to a 30% increase in new customers, showcasing the platform's enhanced appeal to a broader audience. The successful integration of the social network executed by ioet has transformed the donation platform, empowering users to forge meaningful connections, share their philanthropic journey, and make a lasting impact on charitable causes.

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