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High-bandwidth data upload pipeline

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Technologies Used






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In late 2021, a multinational professional services company faced a critical issue affecting one of its largest customers in South America. An increasing number of users uploading thousands of documents was affecting the platform's performance and stability, resulting in a potential business loss. 


The engineering leaders proposed a tactical solution requiring implementation and production deployment with a two-month deadline to comply with the customer service agreement and overcome the business risk.


The proposed solution involved two different actions:

  1. To develop a fully integrated web application for uploading documents, replacing an existing third-party service.

  2. To integrate with a new cloud-based document management platform designed to process and manage documents and metadata. An ioet ad-hoc team was created to implement this solution. 


The challenges here were three-fold: first, the technological challenge was to develop a high-bandwidth data pipeline able to upload tens of thousands of files per hour with thousands of concurrent users, including the integration with a new platform that hadn't been live before; second, to effectively collaborate with two different teams that didn't know each other (customer application and document management platform); third, to launch the new solution for live users under high pressure and extremely tight schedule.


A high-bandwidth data pipeline was developed and integrated with a new platform, meeting clients time expectations. This integration was mentioned in the company's annual technology showcase and presented as a business success case of inter-platform collaboration.

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