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Jira Tips & Tricks

Updated: Jun 12

Jira's dashboard set up

When using a tool it is important to figure out how to use it effectively. This is the case of Jira, which is one of the project management tools most used to organize tasks, set priorities on projects, assign and keep track of a project's status. These are some helpful tips and tricks that can optimize your workflow or projects on Jira:

Issue Types, Issue Defaults

To customize your Jira project, you can create custom issue types and set issue defaults. This allows you to tailor your project to your specific needs and better track your tasks. You can easily do this in the "Issue Types" section of your Jira project settings.

Jira project settings - Issue types dashboard

Automation, Custom Buttons

To automate tasks and make it easier to navigate your Jira project, you can create custom buttons and automation rules. This can be done in the "Automation" section of your Jira project settings. With custom buttons, you can quickly access frequently used actions, while automation rules can help streamline your workflow and reduce manual effort.

Automation settings on Jira

Make It Pretty, Quick Links

To make your Jira project more visually appealing, you can use emoji in places such as issue names, comments, and labels. Additionally, you can insert quick links in the sidebar of your Jira project to important pages, such as a Confluence knowledge base or a project roadmap. Remember to change your icon!

Quicklinks options
Quick links for Jira

Jira dashboard

The Jira dashboard provides a high-level overview of your project, displaying important information and metrics in one place. You can customize your dashboard by adding widgets, which can show things like issue statistics, project health, and recent activity. Widgets can help you quickly identify areas that need attention and keep track of your team's progress. To add a widget, click the "Add a gadget" button on your dashboard and choose from the available options.

Jira's dashboard widgets

In conclusion, mastering these Jira tips can significantly enhance your project management and collaboration capabilities. As you continue to explore and apply these techniques, you'll find yourself becoming a more efficient and effective Jira user, ultimately driving your team's success and project outcomes to new heights.


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