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Streamlining Data Management

Data handling became seamless, enabling reporting efficiently.



Technologies Used




 Streamlining Data Management Image


In collaboration with a multinational professional services firm managing tens of millions of client records, ioet embarked on a critical project to create a unified repository for storing data efficiently. The project involved working with third-party software, world-class ERPs, a core application with a micro services architecture, and the company's data lake.



To tackle the challenge, we developed a sophisticated Common Data Model (CDM) structure and implemented Azure Synapse for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes. The pipeline results were stored in blob storage for traceability and effective error handling.


The outcome was astounding - the processing time for tens of millions of records was accomplished in just minutes! With the new schema, data handling became seamless, enabling the generation of reports and dashboards swiftly and efficiently. This success demonstrated ioet's expertise in complex data management, delivering a scalable, high-performance solution for the client's data storage needs.

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