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Tech Transformation in Eyewear Retail

Seamless integration provided substantial time and cost savings.



Technologies Used





Tech Transformation in Eyewear Retail Image


ioet had a remarkable opportunity to contribute to the technological enhancement of a major eyewear retail company in the US and Canada. As the company grew, it faced challenges with its monolithic system, handling critical aspects of its supply chain and inventory. With tens of thousands of daily users and a nationwide presence, the need for a modern and efficient solution became evident.


Our expert development team took on the task of migrating and enhancing their system by creating a new application integrated with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. Emphasizing best programming practices, clean code, Test-Driven Development (TDD), agile methodologies, and clean architecture, we ensured high efficiency and easy maintainability.


In close collaboration with business analysts, project managers, and key stakeholders, we optimized the company's supply chain operations by redesigning critical processes, resulting in reduced processing times, improved efficiency, and timely project deliverables.



The seamless integration of the new application provided the client with real-time insights, effortless handling of daily transactions, and substantial time and cost savings. Our client's success story exemplifies ioet's dedication to excellence in software development, showcasing the value of our expertise and innovative solutions. By exceeding our client's expectations and contributing significantly to their overall success, we continue to be a trusted and leading partner in the software development industry.


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